On behalf of our compassionate, caring, trained and licensed team, I would like to welcome you to Lotus Adult Day Center.


Thank you for entrusting us to provide the care that best meets your needs. We look forward to providing you/your loved one with daily individualized care, group activities, and social opportunities in a spacious, comfortable, and safe environment.

Please complete the admission forms, to the best of your ability, in order for us to understand the specifics of your needs and to allow us to develop the most appropriate plan of care.

Lotus Adult Day Center admits individuals based on the following: 1) the Center's

comprehensive description of the types of services provided and 2) the level of need that's identified by information and assessment of the individual, through both in-person interview and collection of medical data. Lotus RN will conduct a reassessment of needs every (3) months, to ensure that we're consistently providing the most appropriate individualized care.


lnitial assessment and data requirements for admission include the following:


  • Medical examination (by a physician, NP, or PA) completed within six (6) months prior to admission.

  • A complete physician's order providing evidence of a negative TB skin test, recent influenza vaccination, current medications, recommendations of care, etc.

  • Identification of Medical History and Care Needs.

  • A signed Participant Agreement.

  • National Sex Offender Registry verification (in compliance with the Georgia Department of Community Health Requirement).


At admission, Lotus Adult Day Center will provide Participants and their Representative(s) with a copy of pertinent Lotus Day Center policies and procedures, as well as, information regarding Participant's Rights.


lf you have any questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to contact me. Our Lotus team is here to answer your questions, facilitate transitions, and assist with your daily life situations.


I am looking forward to our new relationship and partnership!


Warm Regards,

Nayna Patel

4595 Towne Lake Parkway
Bldg. #400 Ste. #100
Woodstock, GA 30189