Memory Care

Our Memory Care program is dedicated to improving the lives of our participants with Alzheimer's and other types of Dementia.  Our schedule is carefully planned out to ensure each and every participant's needs are addressed and to make sure everyone has the opportunity to socialize with their new friends. 

The following services are offered to memory care participants

  •  Assistance with daily living activities

  •  Mood monitoring and assessment

  •  Basic and advance care support

  •  Recreational activities

  •  Group and individual exercises

  •  Skilled nurse care

  •  Fall assessments (i.e. TUG)

  •  Thorough physical assessments

  •  Healthcare monitoring

  •  Secure environment

  •  Safe and comfortable transportation

  •  Structured and flexible scheduling

  •  Behavior management

  •  Stimulating activities

  •  Toileting assistance

  •  Cognitive therapy (i.e. OT, SLP)

  •  Management of acute and chronic conditions

  •  Cognitive behavioral therapy

  •  Increased participant to staff ratio (4:1)

  •  Experienced and trained staff

  •  Family style meals, meal setup and assistance

  •  Frequent Safety Checks

  •  Laundry of soiled clothing

  •  Constant observation

  •  Security alarms

  •  Low stress environment

  •  Therapeutic interventions (PT, OT, SLP)

  •  Individualized plan of care

  •  Social atmosphere

  •  Stimulating and spacious program areas

  •  Medication and side effect monitoring

  • ‚Äč Mobility assistance

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